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Welcome to The Seaside Sawmill
The home of bespoke, rustic-style solid wood hand crafted storage crates.
  Here at the sawmill we pride ourselves in having the best quality hand made products, and the best customer service around.
  Assembled and glued by hand from start to finish using only the finest materials, our unique vintage-look solid wood crates are stained using only natural eco-friendly stain for a high-quality finish and long term durability.
  Our crates designs are based on the old-fashioned classic apple crate, giving a rustic look that is ideal for an eye-catching shop display, unique personal storage solution, or even a small coffee table, and with our range of customisation options, such as shelves, the possibilities really are endless.
  It's worth making the point that unlike some supposed bespoke items our boxes are all hand-made to order. We can even stencil them with your choice of text/design at no extra cost. Discounts are always available on large orders.
  The Seaside Sawmill Team